Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weird hamster noise, sounds like a chipmunk?

well I just bought my hamster some crittertrail tubes to attach to his playpen, he went around twice and he seemed, to like it, but all of a sudden when he came out, he made a sound almost excactly like a chipmunk, and im scared cuz i did so much and it seems like now..ugh i dont know, he doesnt like it, plz help!!!!plz anser

is the noise bad or good.

wat cud it b comeing from

is it normal

WAT DO I DO!!!Weird hamster noise, sounds like a chipmunk?
It's just a sound that hamsters make! Don't worry!Weird hamster noise, sounds like a chipmunk?
hamsters make noise sometimes. someone told me it could be because they're happy. i like to believe that because my hamster makes it once in a blue moon when my boyfriend and I are both playing with him and talking to him.
he could have been making a usual hamster noise. no need to worry. you did nothing wrong

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